2019: Coming Home to YOU !(Live Webinar from the CIA in Australia!)

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2019 is going to be an incredible new year of `breakthroughs' for us all!
The nodal shift into Cancer/Capricorn signals a desire to `come home' to our authentic life, as we recreate what family and security means to us. Another big theme is the creative blending of scientific and spiritual truths. These popular workshops have been a New Year's tradition for ten years now...

The zoom format is easy to use, and, THIS webinar you will be in the company of astrologers and astrology students from around the world. As a proud member, Agent 56, of the CIA* ( Cosmic Intelligence Agency) I share astrological wisdom with this million-member-organization.

YOU TOO can become a member of the CIA* and this and other webinars are FREE as part of your membership. If not--the fee is $25 US and you can purchase your ticket here:

AND USE A DISCOUNT CODE FOR A $5 off this webinar when you sign in!
The Code is : Agent 56Web for a total cost of $20 (( plus a $15 credit for my services!))

Because I am so passionate about the CIA* if you attend THIS webinar you will receive a $15 off...meaning your total price is $5 !

`See you' in Australia! As you cuddle up at HOME for this Friday night special !

As always....call/text me with any questions:[masked]