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This group is intended as a friendly and relaxed setting for couples with no children to meet, socialize, create new friendships, and experience fun outings together. My husband and I started this group to meet other couples who are living full lives without kids and share each other’s experiences. Whether you have no kids by fate or by choice, this group is for you.

We are a fun loving couple that is looking to connect with other couples have chosen not to have children and not planning on having any. We have amazing friends with children however we respect all choices for different people and we are happily child free. We love being an Aunt and Uncle and our relationships with our nieces and nephews. We also love being a dog mom and dad to our two Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Henley and Derby.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to connect with others who understand our choice and experience and believe that life can be completely fulfilling without children. So many times people will ask why we don’t have kids, what’s wrong with us, why not adoption, etc etc. We would never ask why, or judge people with kids for having them. If you relate to this, you are in the right place and we welcome you.

Events will include dining experiences, wine tastings, outdoor activities, sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, broadway shows, escape rooms, golf outings, and much more. Small events like happy hours or big ones like travel to a new destination are all possible depending on your preferences and suggestions. Looking forward to some fun with everyone.


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