• 4-1/2 Mile Hike; Sage Scrub Hill at Whiting Ranch

    Whiting Ranch- Serrano Trail Entrance (Portola Pkwy at Glenn Ranch near Wahoo's Tacos)

    This is an out and back trip with a few hundred feet of elevation gain including a small hill on the turn around loop... There is some roll to this trail and it does climb slowly and steadily all the way to the base of the small hill (Sage Scrub trail). This is a good hike for people that are beginning to trail hike and want to see what it's like out there... Again, a casual hike isn't necessarily an easy one, it's all relative to the individuals, but as a rule this is about as easy as local hiking gets...

    The entire route is about 4-1/2miles... We'll enter the park on Serrano Road, then walk the Live Oak trail to the Serrano Cow trail, up to the beginning of the Sleepy Hollow trail, loop around Sage Scrub trail over the small hill and back out through Sleepy Hollow where we went in... This hike takes roughly an hour and 45 minutes to two hours to complete, depending upon all of the variables.

    Whiting Ranch Web Site (http://www.ocparks.com/parks/whiting)

    PDF Park Map (http://www.ocparks.com/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=63142)

    PDF Park Info (http://www.ocparks.com/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=15842)

    Local Weather (http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=33.6866&lon=-117.669#.WZJJUemQzIU)

    Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

    Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park encompasses approximately 2,500 acres of riparian and oak woodland canyons, rolling grassland hills and steep slopes of coastal sage scrub and chaparral. The park is highlighted by scenic rock formations, including the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. There are three intermittent streams: Borrego, Serrano and Aliso Creek meandering through the park, each hosting an abundance of wildlife. Remnants of the former cattle ranching days can be seen throughout the park.

    Though 90% of the park burned in the Santiago Fire of 2007, the land is still in the recovery process. Please respect that process by staying on marked trails and following park rules.

    There are no restrooms on the trail, but a few of the local businesses (Starbucks at least) do have them... and I think that's it... Okay then... See Ya' there...


    Basic Disclaimer- Keep Yourself Safe.

    Even though we’re close to home, it’s still easy enough to get hurt out there, so, we are all adults here, unless you bring your kids with you, and we are all responsible for our own safety. This meet-up group and anyone in it is not responsible for your safety and makes no promise you are safe from natural dangers (and mountain bikes) while participating in a hike. Things like ticks and rattlesnakes are not uncommon (not a problem either, you just look out for them), plus all of the other normal outdoor dangers and precautions that come with any outdoor activity. Please know your abilities and your limits and keep yourself safe.