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Many restaurants have a lunchtime menu or lunchtime specials that are
- cheaper than their equivalents on the dinnertime menu
- prepared faster (catering to workers on lunch break)

This group is for anyone interested in visiting a variety of restaurants around town for their lunchtime menus. Stretch your dollar further; visit more places and try more dishes compared to dinnertime dining out. (While it's true that lunchtime menus are often more limited than dinnertime ones, they're great for trying out a new place, and if it's good, you can always return for dinner another time.)

General ground rules, unless specified otherwise per event:

- Casual and easygoing. The idea is to visit a restaurant at their regular hours and order off their menu. No special pre-orders, no pre-payment required.

- RSVP policy: generally lenient (given the above). RSVPing is useful to give an idea of how many people will be attending, and so is recommended. Occasional late cancellations are ok--but please don't make a habit of it. Showing up without having RSVPed is probably ok--but not recommended, so please don't make a habit of it either. (RSVP policy may become stricter if leniency proves to be abused and problematic.)

- Separate bills (unless decided otherwise). Order your own dishes and drinks then pay for them. (No need to worry about anyone's food allergies, preferences, tolerance of spiciness, etc., other than your own; no need to figure out who had what; no cause for resentment if people order different amounts but the bill gets split evenly.)

- Flexible time (within reason). It's ok if you're a little late or have to leave early. (But the point of a meetup is to meet up.)

- Limited networking or handing out of business cards. This meetup is not intended for that, and there are a number of other business/networking/entrepreneur lunch meetups already in existence. (Talking about your work or hobby or giving out your card is not specifically forbidden, just don't make it your primary activity there.)

Basically, as the name says, just casual lunch. Multiple locations, multiple cuisines, both weekends and weekdays.

Anyone may organize a lunch meetup. I personally favour little hole-in-the-wall places that are cheap ($10 and under), so that's what I'll usually select, but meetups are not limited to only these places, so feel free to organize alternatives.

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C restaurant
Needs a date and time

C Restaurant

Their Lunch menu price is reasonable compared to their dinner time. http://www.crestaurant.com/index.php?pg=lunch I will probably order "Pan Seared Sablefish"; braised oxtail, carrot puree, roasted swede, horseradish, walnuts $19

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