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Want to improve your performance skills? Want to jam with others? Or maybe you like live music from a wide variety of different musical instruments. Perhaps you're looking to connect with others through music. Are you that person? Then you found the right group to join.

This group is for both fun, and for improvement. Musicians can practice dealing with their performance anxiety and nerves, and people who appreciate music can enjoy watching us succeed or choke - but regardless of the outcome; to give support.

We meet and then chat at the cafe after performances are done. Simple as.

Our meeting spot is typically near the Auckland Domain Historic Garden, but be sure to read each event description as small changes could happen.

[-----------------------Who should join your group-------------------------------]

Anybody who wants to improve musical performance, listen to live music from a wide variety of instruments, make new friends, or just enjoy an afternoon at the park. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us.

[-----------Any dues or fees you plan to charge members------------------]

It’s all free of course, except for the cafe part where we’ll buy our own food/drinks.

That said, I’ll shout each performer a coffee of their choice afterwards.

[The group's affiliation, if it's associated with a business or organization]

No business or organisation – the group is for improvement and fun. All performers will heavily benefit from regular meetups.

[--------------------------------Additional Info-----------------------------------------]

Please be supportive of every performer; especially if they make an error. Errors and failure are common for musicians and it’s important to be respectful when it happens, and let them gather themselves, restart, or perhaps end if they want.

All instruments/vocals are good, but preferably an acoustic for convenience.

Acting or skits are also welcome.

I want to emulate recital/performance conditions so excessive warm-ups are discouraged aside from tuning up.

If you have a Bluetooth speaker, please bring one as some performers may want to play with a backing track or youtube accompaniment.

[-------------------------Proposed time/scheduling--------------------------------]

Normally we meet every second Sunday at 2pm and follow from this:

2:00pm – meet time

2:15pm – introductions and performances

3:00pm – cafe to socialise and recap

~4:00pm – end

Suggestions are always welcome.

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Future of the group (spoiler: it's a good one!)

Auckland Domain

Are you sitting there dreading work tomorrow? Are you bored of life and want a new adventure? Are you sick of the easiness and monotony and want a new challenge? Are you a creative type that can't be confined to a cardboard box?

Then... we want YOU!

For a competitive salary of $0.00 before bonuses of an undisclosed sum, I am looking for a passionate lad or lass who wants to be the new organiser for our lovely group.

I suppose the title of this event was a bit misleading so here's an update for the group:

Since my last event back in February, I've still spread myself too thin to be able to be a good organiser for this group. I made a promise to my dear friend Frank and that promise was to keep the group going for when he comes back.

If nobody takes the organiser position, I'll come back in the summertime and make events similar to Music at the Domain II and add camping into the mix along with some other ideas.

Give me a message on Meetup or on Facebook (Andrew Peters) if you are interested. You'd need to make an event at least once every 2-3 weeks, or monthly at bare minimum, along with taking adequate photos of each event. You don't need to play an instrument but have an interest in music, self-improvement, and people.

Thank you Dylan and Smitty for organising the group for the last two events.

Note: no events until level 2.


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