What we're about

Pope Francis is a big sports fan and invites us to apply our faith to our sporting lives. We are an inclusive group and you need not be Catholic to join. Do, however, be ready to share your talents with us and to help support the group with a five dollar per year dues fee. It might be the best five bucks you ever spent on your sport. We are looking for riders who are willing to help lead, co-organize, and hold other leadership positions in the group but this is not mandatory. My personal areas of interest include local riding, racing (not so much on the street), day trips, and exploring the greater world of motorcycling. It would be fun to establish a good working relationship with law enforcement and to have officers teach us what they know about being safe on all of our rides. Catholic spirituality is the essential underpinning of the group, but we can learn from all people of good will.

Disclaimer: Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous sport; You are expected to take responsibility for your own safety and agree to contribute to the safety of the group to the the best of your ability. Catholic Motorcycle Group is not to be held liable under any circumstances. Membership can be terminated at any time for those who are not willing to abide by common sense rules of the road.