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Want to lose weight or just be active, and dreaming of a fun, addictive way to do it? Open to trying the amazing fitness craze of weighted hula hooping??? (I provide the hula hoop) Enjoy the motivation of a crazy fun, supportive and interactive instructor, and the motivation of others with similar goals to you. This group is for upcoming weighted hula hoop classes I will host in Catonsville as well as the Columbia MD area. Classes begin soon. Class sizes will start at 10 people will have multiple day/time slots to pick from, to appeal to all schedules.

If you want to consider this amazing exercise but would rather 'try before you buy' you've come to the right place. Even if you have tried this before, I promise this class will show you things you haven't imagined with weighted hula hooping. This workout class will change your entire perspective on working out and how fun and addictive it can be. I will show you how to make the weighted hula hoop tone your entire body, and feel that that all-over body muscle burn the next day. Open to all skill levels and fitness goals, this will be judgement free and fun. I am going to provide the options so you can achieve exactly the burn and workout that you may desire. My goal is to help as many people discover how much fun they can have achieving their fitness goals. Increasing your confidence, not just after you lose weight or achieve your fitness goals, but during the entire process. That's what we are going to do.

For anyone seeking an ongoing fitness program, this is perfect for you. You can come to these classes as much or little as you desire after the first one, but I promise you will have so much fun each time you will want to keep coming back. These classes will be great to supplement with working out at home, as it will give you the motivation and ideas of exactly what to do when you're alone, between classes. No need for a gym membership. As time continues and the budget increases, I am going to add different factors to make this even more fun and exciting. Please contact me if you have any time or location requests/suggestions!

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