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We're for people who want to meet passionate volunteers, engage in fun activities whilst doing good via direct action. The micro-volunteering events we run include: environment, children, disaster response (such as Nepal), animals, the disadvantaged amongst our community, and more.

Cause Corps (pronounced Cause-CORR) partners with organisations such as PostPals UK (http://www.postpals.co.uk/find-pals/), that sends postcards to sick children in hospitals; ACV (http://conservationvolunteers.com.au/), doing conservation work across Australia and New Zealand to restore natural habitats; and Journey Nepal (http://www.journey-nepal.org/Nepal/), supporting babies, women and disaster recovery in Nepal.

You can contribute from home, or meet us cafes and public places to write, knit, plant, learn and teach together for a difference cause each meetup.

Join us to take direct action on causes you care about. Meet passionate volunteers like yourself. Join us to measure your impact; rate the volunteering organisations partnered with us; and make volunteering a way of life.

CAUSECORPS.CO (http://causecorps.co/)


我們的Micro-volunteering 活動包括: 環境, 兒童, 救災(如尼泊爾), 動物, 弱勢社群, 以及更多。

與Cause Corps合作的團體 例如 PostPals UK, 寄名信片給在醫院患病的兒童; Journey Nepal, 為尼泊爾的災民及當地重建給予支援。

你可以在家裡或參與我們的聚會, 從書寫, 針織, 種植, 分享等等的方式作出貢獻。

請加入我們以行動去幫助你關心的事物 認識像你一樣的熱心義工。

對我們以及合作夥伴提出意見 讓義工服務變成一種生活習慣。

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Knitting Beanies for Elderly on 28 Aug


Cause Corps - Brighten up Someone's Day

Online event

Cause Corps - Brighten up Someone's Day

Online event

Cause Corps - Writing Cheer Cards to Sick Children

Online event

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