What we're about

An astrology discussion/learning group for beginners (can listen) thru advanced (can teach). An opportunity for attendees to learn that there is so much more than just their "sign". There are planets, houses, phases, rulerships, aspects, and midpoints. Some of these maintain personality types, while others generate events. The road map from your past to your future, as well as your purpose in life, is contained in your astrological birth chart.

Upcoming events (1)

The first meeting will be for a head-count, introductions, and expectations.

If attendance is small we can just meet at my little house in Banilad, Mandaue. If it's more popular then hopefully someone will have an idea for a future meeting place. Paperwork will be involved, so we'll have to be out of the weather, and relatively quiet due to the discussion type format. First meeting should only be an hour, future meetings 2 hours weekly in the evenings. Which days will be determined by the convenience of the majority, maybe modified by a good sob-story. Bring writing implements, and know your date of birth, and place of birth. It is extremely helpful to know what time you were born. At the first meeting we can play around a bit with some individual charts. Plus we will set the format for future meetings.
The first meeting will not be scheduled until some interest has been shown on-line here.