Spiritualism and a Potluck with Ankke Orryn and Roy King

CelebrateLIFE! Progressive Spiritualist Community
CelebrateLIFE! Progressive Spiritualist Community
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What do these things have in common? Precipitated Spirit Paintings and the inventor of Xerox Machine, Chester Carlson? What about Chester's wife and the American Society for Psychical Research?

What about the connection of Spiritualism and the origin of the television set?

Did you know that Thomas Edison, influenced by Spiritualism, was working on communicating with the Spirit World? With a telephone?

Some in the scientific community refer to Spiritualism as The-forgotten-religions-that-worshipped-electricity. That's right. Many modern-day scientific inventions owe in part to the religion, philosophy, and science of Spiritualism.

Want to find out more? How is Spiritualism treating you lately? Come share your thoughts and enjoy our potluck lunch after the service on Sunday, September 15.

Please come and join us this Sunday! Thank you :)

Welcome to CelebrateLIFE! "Spiritualism is a religion and philosophy of life focused on joy, harmony, and a fear-free understanding of the continuity of life. - Spiritualists believe that God or Infinite Intelligence is ALL That Is, expressing through all creation by love, light and law. Humanity, the most complex of life on earth, reaches this Divine Source through prayer, meditation, listening to the inner awareness, and service. Why service? Because every living thing is a part of God, so as we serve life we also serve the Higher Energies.

Life is consciousness - without consciousness there is no existence. Consciousness is the totality of one's thoughts, feelings, emotions and impressions on the mind. The state of thinking is how we create our consciousness. Spiritualism teaches that through the Law of Action/Reaction or Cause/Effect we take control of our lives as we control our thoughts. Positive thinking leads to happiness and assists the individual to grow" from NSAC.