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Land Trust Made Simple!
Do NOT own real estate in YOUR name! Why Real Estate Trusts are used in almost every state! And, the History of these unique Trusts. What is a land trust? Nothing more than a few pieces of paper and a Deed to Trustee Why do I need to use a trust? For the privacy of ownership and asset protection What if I need to change my Trustee? Easy to do with a Land Trust All three of these questions are very important to your long-term financial health. Let me be straightforward with this information. You are working very hard to accumulate property for investment and cash flow. You put yourself, your family, and your children’s financial future at risk investing in real estate. Trusts are the first line of defense to insulate yourself (and your family) from the millions of lawsuits happening every year. Do you want protection from your number one adversary...the contingency fee lawyer (and his deadbeat client) or would you rather have a bare-knuckle fight with him without any defenses in place? You have probably noticed that it is VERY difficult to find any information about these title holding trusts and how they operate. That is why people from all over the United States (and other countries) come to my website to find accurate information about Land Trusts. Most attorneys do not know how to set up and administer a title holding trust (they receive only three hours, if any, of trust education in law school). So, you cannot even rely on your local lawyer for accurate trust information. Illinois Trust law and Massachusetts business trust law set the foundation for all other states to follow. This is the reason why most of these trusts today are referred to as, “Illinois TYPE Land Trusts.” See Hart v. Seymour, 147 Ill.598 (Ill. 1893). But, this does NOT mean that all of these are Illinois Trusts. Rather than drafting their own statutes, most states just model their laws after Illinois and Massachusetts. Thus, with the exception of: Florida, Virginia, Texas, North Dakota, Indiana, Hawaii, Arizona, Ohio, and California there is little statute law in any of the other states on which these kinds of trusts can be based. Consequently, Land Trusts (often times referred to as an Illinois "type" Land Trust) are valid in all states. Hawaii, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan are states where this kind of trust usage is particularly problematic (but not impossible). If you want to use a Land Trust in these states, please call me first! [masked]) "Land Trusts are like submarine... they take you below the surface and keep you off the radar" Mr. Land Trust

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If you are interested in any part of real estate investing, come join us! Whether you are just learning and want to dip your toe into the water or have closed millions of dollars worth of deals, you are welcome. We focus on education and networking so you can get to know the local people and investing environment. We teach alternative ways to buy and sell properties often without using your own money or needing a bank mortgage. We've been an active group meeting on a regular basis since 2007 and have decided to get the word out even further through You can check out our website and join or our group at .

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