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Meet at the Mansion & Carpool to Grable's big new track!
• What we'll do Meet at the Mansion, 502 E 6th (park on street and call[masked] to be let in. See Jim's tracks and collection, then carpool to Grables big new track in Clinton. Beginners will get coaching, pit crew and practice time. We will practice until 6PM then race. About 7PM, after racing, we will hit Amigo Loco Mexican Restaurant in Damascus on the way home. There is a separate track drag strip and trioval for those who do not want to race. Or watch and cheer for your favorite drivers! • What to bring First timers can borrow one of Jim’s cars or buy their own at the raceway. Rental cars are also available. If you have slot cars, or controllers, bring them. • Important to know Race entry is $15 each. Jim can drive with room for three. More are welcome of course, but others may need to drive. Kids 9 and up with adult are welcome. FOR SLOT CAR NERDS ONLY: If you are a new or casual racer, do not worry about any of the below. We will supply the reight cars and walk you through all of this! Rules for 2018 season 1 NASCAR & GO CART CLASS NIGHTS Friday - PRACTICE ALLDAY Race at 6PM All RACERS Our Number One Rule - All racers must have fun! Racing - If you race you must turn marshal - Do not yell at the turn marshals - Do not throw any cars or controllers - Do not rip controllers off the track Race Calls - "RIDER" For cars that have jumped onto the wrong lane - Race director will stop track for calls as necessary Weekly Race Format - Standard round robin rotation - Each driver will complete eight two minute heats - With a one and a half minute intermission after each heat Clearance - All cars must tech to a minimum track clearance under rear area to leading edge or rear tires - The minimum clearance is 1/16th" Width - Cars must be no wider than 3-1/4" Other - Cars failing to meet the rules at any time during the race will be black flagged - Cussing, vulgar language, or any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated - This is a fun family oriented environment let's keep it that way - If you have a question about anything, just ask All CLASSES - May use any 64 or 48 pitch gears only - May solder or glue motors in place - May add brass or lead weight - May solder or glue bushings in place - May tweak or straighten chassis - May file holes in motor bracket - Pin tubes allowed - Tongue support is allowed - May trim motor shaft if necessary - Any lead wire is allowed - May use any brushes or springs - Rear axle diameter must be 1/8" or 3/32" - Front wheel must have 1/16 min - May use any piece front wheel - May use steel drill blank axles front and rear - May solder retainers to front axle - May solder axle where it passes through the chassis - May use any rear tire, max wheel width .800" - Front tires must appear scale - Front wheel area must be clear or cut out or well stickers - Rear wheel area must be cut out - Lead wire clips are allowed - May use any brand of guide - Wires may be tied, taped, glued, or zip tied together and/or to the chassis - Any controller allowed - All measurements will be according to a standard height/width Koford Tech Tool - All cars must tech as listed in the rules INDIVIDUAL CLASS RULES BEGINNER / GOCART - Hawk 7 or 16D stock Motor - No Spoilers - 4" chassis - Oilites - May run ball bearings - Any 4" Nascar body, no bumper rules Cup Expert - May run ball bearing - May use drop thru chassis - STOCK Hawk 6, or Hawk 7 motor OR S16D SEALED - May use motor brace - Any 4" NASCAR body, no bumper rules - Spoilers allowed

Grable's Slotcars and Raceway

1720 Hwy 65 S · Clinton, ar

Respond by: 12/14/2018

What we're about

You are invited for some "fast fun" racing slot cars on two large tracks in our home. We are looking to establish a small group to to gather for some good times racing model cars. We have a large collection and beginners can try a variety of cars. No charge, but we ask that you bring snacks or drinks to share. We will eventually set up classes and a league for those who wish to bring or build their own cars for a club race series. This is a great hobby, or a fun night out. Kids with parents are welcome. Groups of friends or families are also welcome. Space is limited so you must call to RSVP. Fridays are race night, but other nights and weekend days are possible by appointment. If you have a home track or wish to build one, let's get together!

A few things Y’all should know:

· Events are held at a private residence. This is a gated community & only residents are allowed to park on site. There is usually easy parking on 6th street. Please call 760-744-7450 when you arrive so I can open the gate for you.

· Space is limited. Please RSVP on Meetup so we can plan accordingly.

· We have found it adds a lot to the event if everyone brings some food or drink to share.

· You may drink and drive slot cars, so alcoholic beverages are allowed. Please do not share with underage racers and moderate your own consumption.

· Treat all present and our property with respect.

· If you have slot cars, especially vintage ones, bring them. Most types will work on our tracks and we love to help repair or adjust them. If there is interest, we may have special events for vintage cars. Meanwhile, enjoy our slot car “museum” and library.

· We have two very gentle and friendly cats. They are not allowed outside so do not tempt them with an open door. Most people are not allergic to our Cornish Rex cats but if they bother anyone we can lock them upstairs.

• It's all about the fun!

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