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Meetup at Newington Nights of Columbus for Open Mike
This is a special opportunity to share your music with the public. Friends and Family are welcome to attend. Because this establishment has a liquor license, it will be necessary to sign the guest book when you enter the establishment. Please also sign up for a slot to play. There is no food served at the Knights of Columbus for this event but there are many good restaurants on the Berlin Turnpike. Parking and Entrance is at rear of building. Additional parking is available next door at the Kinder Care.

Knights of Columbus

171 Pascone Place · Newington, CT

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If you have talent, play an acoustic instrument and want to play out with others, come join a very special and supportive group of other musicians in a special new venture! It’s too fun!

And you might learn one or two things from the many talented others in the group, including new techniques, new musical ideas and great new songs.

The Northwest Connecticut Acoustic Music Society, begun by a core group of experienced musicians and friends, is an assembly of fun and talented musicians who enjoy playing along with others in:

* the joyful sharing of music (of any style or subject) at regular monthly meetings
* occasional concertizing for worthy charitable and non-profit causes of our own choosing, as the situation arises
* concertizing together at public venues (sometimes as a group and other times in small groups of members who desire to play out together), for pay or not, as opportunities that interest us arise
* the opportunity to network and form friendships with other talented musicians

Think of this as a celebration of music with a supportive, nice group of those who enjoy harmonizing with others to make a joyful noise - either just for monthly get-togethers or for satisfying outside opportunities. (We’re placing an emphasis on being welcoming and friendly. Please check your egos at the door. We’re brothers and sisters in song.)

Think of this also as an opportunity to play out as opportunities arise and even do some good through music. The possibilities are endless and we’ll be exploring all of them.

We will be looking for ways to help others throughout the years through music, either by performing at worthwhile local charitable fundraisers (including but not restricted to helping religious charities and spiritual centers) or by cheering up those in hospitals or nursing homes or wherever, through uplifting concerts. This gives us the ability to express ourselves while helping and healing others through our gift of music. (This is the one setting where we would want to focus on songs to those that have a positive vibe or energy, to cheer up those who desperately need some joy in their lives.) Music is a gift; let’s share it!

We’ll also be pursuing opportunities to play out in public settings. As a group we can create our own supportive open mic opportunities, for example. We will, on occasion, do our own concerts. Those of us with career ambitions will find other creative opportunities to play out either for pay or the ability to sell our CDs. A group CD, including those with original songs or a special take on others’ songs, has been mentioned as a possibility (to include those of us who are ready and able to record something special; stronger performers would be desired here, to put our best foot forward).

A wide variety of acoustic instruments are welcome. When it comes to guitars: Acoustic guitars that have onboard pickups are acceptable but not electric guitars or basses. We allow modest amplification when performers are performing their songs. We will also provide a PA and can mic an instrument when a musician’s turn to perform arises.

You might be a singer/songwriter; or you might be someone who sings and plays others songs. Those who do not sing are also welcome. We also welcome those who just want to play along rather than be a spotlight performer.

We’re looking for a wide variety of non-competitive acoustic musicians interested in making good music together, harmonizing together to produce a wonderful, musical group sound. Members should be as happy playing rhythm and supporting parts (that is, making others sound good) as they are being in the spotlight. Competitive jams and egotism are not what we are about. We’re about ensemble playing.

Those polished enough to be capable of playing musical riffs supportive to the song and solos are important to our group too and are encouraged to join, but all should be willing to share the spotlight and not be selfish; this is not about you, it’s about the group - that is, unless you’re the featured performer. We serve the song to make the best group sound and create a happy whole.

For monthly meetings: as a general rule, please bring lyrics and chords so others may play along. Occasional solo performances of songs difficult for others to follow are allowed and encouraged too but should not be the general rule.

We just love playing with others and we want other like-minded musicians to join us! (The more the merrier!)

So come join us and share in the joys of harmonizing together, playing out, and using the gift of music to cheer others. You won’t find a more happy or supportive environment to enjoy yourself and grow as a musician.

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