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City-State Campaign: Morkendaine (1979) / Dungeons of the Ground Goblins (1976)

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All right everyone, it's back to first and second level . . . . Last time on the City-State Campaign: Torvok learned that his robe of displacement had gone up in flames. Tebbet the stout half-orc fighter joined Jezebel's Fortune-Seekers. The party traded drugs for information and followed an ethereal ghost-like gnome to the entrance to the manor's second dungeon level. Milgram got very "touchy" with the dungeon walls, and was later knocked unconscious in combat. Darrythe was knocked unconscious in combat. Autous II was killed in combat. Vilya and Tebbet stood strong in combat. Torvok drank some rancid green liquid and started to die. Torvok drank some water from a dryad's pool and started to turn into a tree, and the poison was counteracted (but he's still turning into a tree). And the party found a lotus filled garden and a small white rabbit sleeping there. It's time for the Jezebel's Fortune-Seekers to regroup. The party wishes to leave the manor and rest, but how will the party get out? There are choices to be made.