One-Shot Game: AD&D "The Hazing"

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Campus Cards & Games 2 @ Full Sail

116 S Semoran Blvd · Winter Park, FL

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I've reserved the "Middle Room" for this event.

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The Hungry-Knives Gang isn't the largest or the most influential of the Thieves Guilds in the City of a Thousand Smokes. Their turf is in the poor and run-down Blueshadows District, but they are making efforts to grow and get rich! They've got a crop of unskilled recruits and most of them will probably wash out (AKA "die"), but every great thief has to start somewhere.

It's HELL WEEK! Time for Guild Members to take their Pledges out on a real heist, to see if they have what it takes to be an OG (Original Gamer).

NOTE: This is a Home Brew adventure set in my Spotless Moon setting.

• What to bring
Players Handbook (1st edition) (if you have one) and dice. Pre-generated characters (with equipment) will be provided.