Wilderlands of Kesmai campaign, episode #6

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Campus Cards & Games 2

116 S Semoran Blvd · Winter Park, FL

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This session will will be at a table in the back of the shop.

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The adventures have uncovered the secret goings on at the haunted mansion near Saltmarsh. A smuggling ring has been operating in the seacaves beneath the mansion, and with the powers of a evil illusionist aiding them in keeping the curious away, the smugglers have grown rich in tariff free trade.... until our meddling band of heros exposed the truth that is.

With the illusionist and his smugglers slain, the party must decide how they will proceed. Who will stop the smugglers aboard the Seaghost from just finding a new location and new set of conspirators to unload their illicit goods on? Speaking of illicit goods, if the fine silks and expensive brandy found in the mansion are any indication, the cargo of the Seaghost could prove very lucrative to whomever is bold enough to take it...

*new players always welcome just RSVP below.