What we're about

Let's get a bite to eat and go see a movie! Indies, mainstream, new, old - Suggestions welcome. I started this group because I can see movies alone but it's much more fun with friends! We'll pick a place to eat but you can meet up with us directly at the theater if that's easier for you.

Come for dinner, come for the movie, just come and have fun!

Couple of things:

• The idea is that everyone gets to socialize but also gets to see movies they want to see so here is how it works. I post the place we'll be dining. Twice in the week before the event I send out the showtimes so people can see what's playing and start planning. I bring printouts of the showtimes to the restaurant and work on matching people with someone else so everyone has a friend (or friends)to go to a movie with.

• This gives us time and opportunity to make friends, hang out, have fun and then go see a film we're interested in.

• One more thing: Because I make reservations it has become a bit of a problem when people don't show. I have had to institute a 3 strike rule. Please don't be a no-show. If you can't attend just update your RSVP or let me know via text or phone call. (321-356-5717) I understand that plans change - just don't forget to let me know!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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