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ANYONE interested in DRONES (or multi-rotor aerial video and photography platforms) for commercial/professional, hobby, OR JUST PLAIN OLD CURIOSITY. Sharing knowledge and experience to make the skies safer and more profitable for everyone! (It's a BIG sky! There's room for ALL of us!)

We'll meet up and discuss industry trends, flying skills/training, business strategies, video and photo editing, and all other aspects of running a DRONE business.

If you know or want to learn about the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certification to become a DRONE PILOT or even if you just want to take aerial stills and videos for personal enjoyment, come join us and you'll find a great place to get started.

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Build A Drone Workshop

MakerFX Makerspace (Suite #158)


Build and take your very own 3D printed Micro Drone. No drone experience required. Prepayment required. Want to learn about the parts, assembly, programming, and flight skills involved in this exciting new technology? The best way to learn is to build one from scratch in this hands on workshop! The following prerequisites will be helpful, but are not required: -Arduino IDE set up on your laptop -Blynk App (available for Android and iOS) already installed and set up on your device. https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/esp8266-thing-development-board-hookup-guide/example-sketch-blink-with-blynk -iNav configurator software setup on your laptop and bring it with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asyb0J6DfH8 -Basic soldering skills a plus. if you have a soldering iron bring it **If you don't know what any of this stuff means, or don't have any of the equipment, don't worry. I will have extra equipment you may use for the build. Here is what we will cover: -Assemble a quadcopter on top of a 3D printed frame that I designed specifically for these parts. I will have them there, but I can also send you the .STL file if you would like to try printing it yourself. -Set up command and control bridge using WiFi, and ESP8266 wireless chip, and your smartphone to control the drone. -Set up and tweak the flight control board (SPRacing F3Evo Brushed controller) using the iNav configurator. -Set up the ESP8266 WiFi chip to work with Blynk and SBUS protocol. -Learn a little bit about drone flying techniques

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Meet and greet your local drone enthusiasts

MakerFX Makerspace (Suite #158)

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