Past Meetup

Blackwater Creek, Lake Norris / Nesting Birds


This time of the year we should encounter mutiple types of birds nesting on in the Cypress Trees the line Lake Norris.

Blackwater Creek, is born on the waters of Lake Norris, it stretches for over 20 miles. We will paddle the beginning; the first one mile of this tight, tree canopied, dark, hauntingly beautiful creek that leads to the magnificent Lake Norris, a lake with ancient stunted cypress trees along it banks, a stunningly beautiful lake, home to many waterfowl breeding nests.

Blackwater Creek snakes through an ancient, prehistoric,cypress swamp. We will encounter deadfalls and some portages in this shallow dark murky water. The creek twists and turns and will challenge your skills, we'll only paddle one mile upstream but will be rewarded with a view of one of the most beautiful lakes in the state. Lake Norris is the jewel of the trip. It's now part of the St Johns River Water Management. The 2,352 acre preserve protects an extensive hardwood swamp forest on the west bank. There are puportedly upward of 100 osprey nests on the lake. The cypress woodlands extend into the lake, creating a 150 foot wide buffer in many places. The adventuresome paddler can spend hours investigating the lake shore, weaving through the maze of cypress. And, except for one Boy Scout camp and a few rustic home sites, the surrounding area is a de facto wilderness sanctuary.

*****Not advised for anyone not comfortable with some portages; there will be some deadfalls and snags on the shallow Blackwater Creek that requires getting out of kayak. We will paddle the entire shore of Lake Norris, if winds permit.****

Bring your lunch and plenty to drink.

No shuttle required.

GPS CORDS: N28,54'50.9" W081,32'40.1"