Past Meetup

Short Notice/ Swim & kayak with Manatees.Homosassa Springs


Homosassa Springs (5 miles)

The trip to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park takes approximately two hours and covers five miles. To begin, start at MacRae's boat ramp (5300 South Cherokee Way). Paddling north for 200 yards will take you to Monkey Island. Continue north along either bank of the Homosassa for 1.5 miles. Here the river splits in two directions. Hall's River is northwest of this point (under the bridge) and makes a fine place to explore.

For Homosassa Springs, continue northeast for 3/4 mile. The river narrows considerably and houses line both banks. Just past the last house, you'll enter the wildlife park area. A covered wooden viewing platform can be seen on the east bank of the river. Park boundary signs posted in the water limit further upstream access, but you'll still see plenty of wildlife (both nature and human-related) in this area. Near the boundary signs, the water clears considerably and you can see the sandy river bottom, along with numerous fish, turtles and for the lucky paddlers, a manatee or two.

We will return to have lunch at the Shed:

After lunch, we can head home. Spent, but Happy.

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