Past Meetup

Great Green Swamp Backpacking - low mileage 20 over 3 days


Hike will start Friday morning at 9:00 - see pdf file above we will be meeting at the rock ridge road entrance by Poyner road. You will take a left down rock ridge where it turns into Deen Still. I will provide my phone number, and I have lived in this area for the past 40 years so should hopefully be able to provide you will directions if you get lost.

Proposed itinerary:

Friday : Start Rock Ridge road - Hike 5 miles to camp at Mott Hammock site. Set up camp and slack pack trail to Stewart homestead and or other trails in this area.

Saturday: Hike approx 9 miles to Gator hole campsite. Set up and then slack pack - lots of trails through this area.

Sunday: Hike 5 ish miles to compresco road site in Dade city. Hike end.

This will be a great hike for beginners, with low daily mileage, but opportunities to slack pack for those who want more. Will Cache water as needed. Was unable to get Mcneil site. Will try again later in season.

This is the Green Swamp so you may get your feet wet on some portions of the trail depending on weather conditions prior to hike. Yup there are mosquitoes and ticks, snakes, spiders and all the great lovelies that inhabit a swamp. But the great company around the campfire at night and getting to sleep in a tent more than make up for it.