You've heard the stories, you've seen the pictures, now it's time to sign up for my 11th semi-annual Homosassa event.

If you're only going to attend a camping event this year, you won't want to miss this trip. Come for a night, the day or the entire weekend, the choice is yours.

This is the kind of weekend where you'll make new friends and share incredible memories....did I mention a lot of laughs as well?

I've been holding this semi-annual event for the past 6 years and it keeps getting better each time. From drinks around the campfires to an amazing potluck event there's something for everyone.

Think of this weekend as your own little club med vacation, no hard schedules, or participate in what you'd like and do what ever you want (as long as no major laws are being

Friday - As usual people will be arriving at various times. I will be there as soon as I can Friday morning. Friday will be an open unscheduled day. If you get there early you can try one of the many local eateries such as Riverside Crab House, Yardarm Lounge & the Monkey Bar for lunch.

Friday Night - We will have a group camp fire in the tent loop area a few hours after sunset. This place is quite large so please feel free to stop past and introduce yourself.

Bring on the lawn games. I'm sure Brad will have his life-sized Jenga set. You haven't played Jenga until you've played it life sized. I'll bring the ladder toss and a bean bag (cornhole) game.

We'll also have plenty of music and possibly a karaoke machine going, you never know with this group.


Saturday morning breakfast - The clubhouse offers a breakfast on the weekend, with good food and great prices.

Saturday morning paddle - After filling your belly we'll launch between 9:30 and 10:00 am. Since we always have such a large group we won't have any "organized paddles". In the past few years we've found informal smaller group paddles work best and members typically pair up according to their paddling styles and experience levels. We'll have the olympic group that will do the 20 mile paddle out to the gulf and back to the beginner group who just want to go to the springs look for manatees and then see Monkey Island.

Saturday lunch is on your own. There are many places and campsites to choose from and enjoy.

Saturday evening Potluck - There will be a pot luck dinner at 5:30 pm in the clubhouse. Please bring a food dish to share. It does not have to be large. We will NOT be using the kitchen portion of the club house and we will have to clean up after ourselves. We are all responsible adults. BYOB of course. After the potluck we'll head back to the tent loop for a large campfire and some music and festivities. If you have any lawn games, be sure to bring them along.


Sunday - Breakfast at the clubhouse. For those who'd like to paddle, please feel free to do so.

Rates and Reservations

THE CAMPGROUND - Welcome to Nature's Resort Homosassa (, Florida "Come Stay where the Manatee Play"

Map & Directions - CLICK HERE (

You can call 1-352-628-9544 to make your reservations. Since I booked the group reservations, please be sure to tell them you're with Mike Rosa's Group so you'll get the discounted rates.

Camping Rates - The cabin rates are normally $130 per night but with our discount it's $100 per night as long as we have 10 or more cabins rented.

Tent sites are $25 and RV sites are $30 per night.

Nature's Resort is located in historic Homosassa Florida home of many fresh-water springs, rivers, wildlife parks and the famous Homosassa Manatees. Nature's Resort is just 90 minutes North of Tampa and St. Petersburg directly off of U.S. HWY 19. Nature's Resorts secluded 97 acres scenic resort is a camper’s dream. They are located on the Halls River which allows direct access to The Gulf of Mexico.

NOTES -If you are looking for a quiet camp site please tell the front desk when making your reservation. The loop is usually the busiest place and the spot where the disco ball shines every night. There are a few small hotels in the area that you can get a room at if camping or cabins are not your style.

Kayak Rentals - You are responsible for making your own rental reservations, you can try Sweetwater Kayaks or you can also check with the campground to see what sort of kayak rentals they have. Either way, don't wait to book your kayak rental as they go FAST!!!! You can also give Riversport Kayaks in Homosassa a call, their information is 5297 South Cherokee Way Homosassa, FL 34448-4424 (352) 621-4972 or Toll Free (877) 660-0929

THE NECESSARY - You will need to bring your own water, sun screen, bug spray, towel, hat, water cannon, money, snacks and any other item you think you might need for a weekend trip. Remember to hydrate before you hit the water. It is your responsibility to have all of the required safety equipment aboard your vessel. Wear proper foot protection, flip flops are unacceptable for kayaking but look great at the restaurant and party.

Everybody will be responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements.

This event will be cross posted with other Meetup groups in the area as always so we'll have a very large turnout.

NOW FOR THE FINE PRINT - Please remember to drink responsibly. We're all adults in the group and we expect everyone to behave like one.

Speaking of adults, children are allowed to attend the daytime portions of the group events and also the potluck dinner.

After 9 PM it's adult time at the public gatherings such as the party in the loop and the bonfire. I know we're all responsible parents and we wouldn't want our young children being exposed to adults who are trying to relax and have a good time and may swear a little bit or tell a funny adult joke. The term children applies to anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who can't act that We haven't had problems in the past years so I'm sure everything will be fine this year.

*** Remember that cabins and campsites go fast. Do NOT wait to book yours if you really would like to attend this trip.***

I have site 32X located in the loop. The area around my site is typically loud so if you're looking to go to sleep early or a quiet place to relax....make sure you don't get sites 36X, 38X or 40X....I can tell you right now, those sites will be noisy.

This event is being cross posted with several other meetup groups. I've been hosting this event for the past 6 years now and it's always a lot of fun.

You can call 1-352-628-9544 to make your reservations. Since I booked the group reservations, please be sure to tell them you're with Mike Rosa's Group so you'll get the discounted rates.