Rainbow River Tubing Trip

Come spend an amazing afternoon floating down the Rainbow River with some good friends while enjoying some incredible's an amazing 2 hour float down this beautiful river.

For those of you who have tubed this river you've seen the natural beauty nature has provided for us....for those who haven't, it's something that's a must see living in Florida.

This is family friendly event so family members are welcome.

Price -

Parking - $5 per vehicle (up to 8 people inside)

Tubing Price - $10.65 per person - includes tube rental, shuttle transportation and sales tax.

There is NO discount if you bring your own tube. They have a size restriction, no tubes larger than 60" are allowed on the river so they will not transport your tube if it's too big.

Save your receipt as your price also includes admission to the head springs/waterfall area after the tubing trip for those who would like to visit that part of the park.

For those paying by cash I believe they also charge a $25 deposit for the tube rental. They accept Cash, Visa and Mastercard

I personally pay with my credit card and don't worry about carrying cash with me.

For more information please visit thier website by CLICKING HERE (

A designated Outstanding Florida Waterway, the Rainbow River is a must-visit spot for nature lovers and fun seekers alike. The Rainbow River is home to a variety of freshwater fish and turtles. Heron, ibis, anhinga, and cormorants are seen regularly, as is an occasional hawk searching for dinner. Many visitors have been entertained by the river otters. Keep in mind that the average time to tube down the river is about 2 hours so remember to use sunscreen.

We WILL meet at the ticket counter by 9:45 AM so please mapquest the directions from your specific location to be sure to leave yourself enough time to drive to the park. Please plan to arrive by 9:45 AM so we don't keep everyone waiting.

Suggested items to bring: Hat, Sunscreen, Water or your favorite beverage *(See park rules below) Snacks, Water shoes or sandals, Towel

Like most of the state parks that offer tubing, the Rainbow has the following restrictions

To protect our waterway for the future generations please note the following:

* All coolers being brought into our facility are subject to search

* Alcoholic beverages in any form are not allowed in the Park or on the Rainbow River

* Food & beverages in disposable containers such as cans, plastic, glass, Styrofoam, and paper are NOT allowed on the waterway

Any food or drinks that you want to carry on the water MUST be in a NON-DISPOSABLE container or bottle.

If you bring a plastic bottle of water for example, it must be in a sports type bottle or thermos, NOT the original disposable bottle.

They WON'T allow those sort of containers on the water....

There are 3 entrances for this particular state park...

You're looking for the one that states Rainbow Springs TUBING ENTRANCE....

If you don't see that on the sign you're probably not in the right

Do not confuse this with the KP Hole tubing launch....we are on the other side of the river from KP hole.

We will meet out in front of the ticket windows at 9:45. I won't have my cell phone on me since I don't like taking it onto the river so just look around for me when you get there...I'm easy to spot. You can also look around the seating area as we might be trying to grab some shade.

For directions and additional information, please visit the parks page HERE (

For a map view of the park, CLICK HERE (

One added comment.....these events tend to be very large and we have a lot of people sign up. Please don't think that 50+ people are going to float down the river all together holding's not going to happen...we will get split up and separated. My suggestion is to try to form smaller groups with your friends that way you're with people you know.

After the tubing trip you can meet up at the head springs to hang out and enjoy what ever food you brought. Make a picnic out of it. You will have to drive from the tubing area to get to the head spring. You can either check the website or just ask the tubing employees for directions

The tubing entrance address is 10830 SW 180th Avenue Road Dunnellon, FL

The head springs address is 19158 S.W. 81st Place Road Dunnellon FL.

I'll be posting the camping trip as a separate event for anyone interested.

This event is being cross posted with several local meetup groups so we should have a great turnout.

If you go to KP hole you're in the wrong place. See the above address