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Lets meet at the Tube Launch about 9:30 with Dive gear. Bring a dry box and 10.00 dollars, because were going to Float down to KP hole, a short float from the camp ground. The Water taxi costs $10.00. I have a dry box and can carry your money if need be.

At KP hole, were going to take a water taxi up river about 2 miles and get dropped off.

The River is anywhere from 5 feet to 25 feet deep. So, for the most part, this is an easy, shallow dive.

The Drift dive back to the camp ground is relaxing and very cool. There is a shallow cave to look into, an powerful vent blowing spring water into the river, and a lot of amazing fish to look at. The whole trip back only takes a couple of hours.

After Seeing the river from a tube, we have Kayaked the river, so Scuba Diving the river gives one a whole new perspective of this beautiful River.

You must have your C Card, all your own dive gear, $10.00 for the water taxi, and anything else you might need for a few hours under the water.