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Hillsborough River - Sargeant Park to Trout Creek Park

Every 4 months on the last Saturday

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PADDLE DESCRIPTION: 7-9 miles, 4-5 hours - This stretch of the Hillsborough River is “among the most scenic in Central Florida”. We often see lots of gators and birds. After paddling the river from Sargents Park to Morris Bridge Park,we will take a lunch break. Then we will continue downstream for a leisurely padde to Trout Creek Park. This is considered an easy to moderate paddle, perfect for both experienced paddlers and for the paddlers who are just starting to enjoy this wonderful sport.

Location: Tampa, FL USA

Class: 1

Distance Paddled: about 7.5 one way

Water: fresh, flat blackwater, with a slow (1/2 to 1 MPH) current that can be paddled in either direction

Wildlife: Wildlife normally seen - great blue heron, little blue heron, anhinga, white ibis, osprey, red-shouldered hawk, black vulture, turkey vulture, Florida red-bellied turtle, peninsula cooter,sometimes deer, hogs and hopefully lots of alligators.
Wildlife occasionally or at certain times of year seen - roseate spoonbill, wood stork, pied-billed grebe, prothonotary warbler, blue-gray gnat catcher, American robin, wild turkey, great horned owl, yellow-crowned night heron, bald eagle, river otter, raccoon, wood duck, Florida banded water snake & brown water snake (both non-poisonous)

Special Regulations: No picking flowers or feeding wildlife (especially gators). Stay off private property, no alcohol, glass, firearms, Styrofoam or trash. Fishing is allowed with a valid license.

Hillsborough River Info:

A 34.5-mile (55.5 km) canoe trail ( is designated by the State of Florida, starting at Hillsborough River State Park ( and ending at Rowlett Park ( in Tampa. Morris Bridge Park (, Trout Creek Wilderness Park (, Hillsborough River State Park ( Lettuce Lake Park (, Riverfront Park (, Riverhills Park (, Angel of Hope Park (, Rogers Park, Sulphur Springs Water Tower (, and Rivercrest Park are all are located along the Hillsborough River.


On north side of US 301 about 5 miles east of I-75. From I-75, exit onto Fowler Avenue and head east for 1.5 miles. Turn left onto US 301 and head north about 3 miles. Park entrance on left.

You can contact me (Craig) at[masked] if you need information, help or get lost.

There is an admission/parking fee (around $2.00).