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llinois River, East River, and Chillicothe Backwaters

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This will be a beginner / rookie / family paddle, leaving and returning from Chillicothe Marina. At a minimum it will be a 6 mile paddle and should last 2 &1/2 to 3 hrs. We will launch from Chilli Marina and paddle past the Peoria Casting Club on our way to Sencahwine Creek (probably too low to enter) and the Railroad Bridge just north of Chilli. Since this is the best take out on the river we will stop after 2 miles, stretch our legs, fix and rookie equipment problems etc. After that we will head south and across the river for 1/2 mile and enter the Chilli backwaters. If we are lucky we may see a large flock of Northern Pelicans in the backwaters. If we want we can paddle up another canal to try to get a better view; however this will add 1 - 2 miles to the trip. We will be exiting the backwaters into the East River which we will continue south on until it rejoins the Illinois River. At this point we can return to the marina, or take a 2'nd side trip to see some old paddle wheel style gambling boats down at Hamms Holiday Harbor. This would add 1 or 2 more miles to the trip.

Currently I'm bringing expecting to bring a first time paddler and a co-worker and his wife and 9 yr old son. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is a new (1 + yrs) eagle nest somewhere along the route.

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