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This meetup is open to everyone. It was created out of the desire to have a comprehensive information security meetup located in the heart of New Jersey. If you find that you are sick of having to go to New York City to fulfill your information security cravings, look no further. As this meetup grows, we will have more & more content.

Stay tuned & we are glad you are here for our journey in sharing information security knowledge.

Our logo was created by @malwareunicorn (http://twitter.com/malwareunicorn)- if we have helped you in some way or you enjoy the logo & you find/hunt malware, archive it with the password "infected" & send it her way as thanks!

SPEAKERS WANTED! Note the following:

- Talks don't have to be long and we welcome new speakers!

- Let us know if we can post your slides. We love sharing content.

- Let us know what your background is. We love presentations of all kinds but can't find time for obvious sales pitches.

- BYO laptop. We can usually provide an HDMI or VGA connection, and mini DisplayPort and others with advance notice. That said, bringing your own cable contraptions never hurts and often helps.

Code of Conduct

CNJ Infosec Code of Conduct and “FrieNDA”

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for physical, verbal, sexual, or any form of harassment or unwelcome interaction.

We encourage everyone to be a part of creating a safe space where anyone can feel welcome, have fun, learn, and exchange ideas about IT and information security. CNJ Infosec supports an environment where ideas can be freely expressed and challenged in a way that is also free of harassment of any sort.

Examples of unacceptable conduct include, but are not limited to:

Heckling or interrupting speakers or anyone in attendance

Unwelcome and/or repeated sexual advances or physical contact

Deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, recording, etc.

Abusive speech or actions that unreasonably interfere with another’s experience

Anything that compromises human safety

“FrieNDA” Request and Reminder

Please be aware that any CNJ Infosec spaces are considered public spaces. Please do not say anything you may not want to be public, including remarks about employers, employees, vendors, organizations, and so on.

With that being said, the concept of FrieNDA should be followed as things mentioned to this group should stay inside the group as much as possible. This is NOT legally binding, and CNJ Infosec spaces are entirely ‘use at your own risk’.

Escalation path

If you have a concern relating to this code of conduct, reach out to anyone listed as an Organizer on Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Central-Jersey-Infosec-Meetup/members/?op=leaders), including Ben, Jeremy, (names to be added).

They will assist you in determining the next steps for you to feel safe and heard. CNJ Infosec will take action to deal with unacceptable conduct, including removal of offenders from meetups, communication groups, and anywhere else possible.

Thanks to BSidesPDX for being the basis of the Code of Conduct.

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