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I started this group to bring together women who wanted to have children but, because of many different circumstance, do not have their own and are unhappy about it.

If you're struggling with the reality that you don't have children but wanted them, that you thought you'd be a mom but aren't, that you don't know what to do now because you couldn't have children, that your future doesn't seem as bright because it doesn't include your own children, that those around you just don't understand how not being able to have children feels, and you would like to connect with other women who have similar stories, who are more likely to understand what you're going through, this group is for women just like you!

We are coming together to support each other, look to the future, create amazing journeys, and change our thoughts from negative to positive about the lives we are living without children.

Come join us, tell your story, share and learn helpful ways to move forward in life, and create an incredibly fulfilling and happy future.

Can't wait to meet you!

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