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毎木曜日 7 : 30PM~9 : 30PM
「Cafe Americano」4003 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90005

Inviting native English and Japanese speakers, w

e are a group of Americans having learned foreign languages in which Kanji writing system is/has been primary mean to record lexical items. Started as a reviewing and social opportunity among similarly interested individuals, our focus has been on helping each other with overcoming difficulties in mastering the target language as well as with internationals. It's casual, quiet, and cozy; open to anyone with an interest in furthering their study.

- - - Group's Goal - - -

Sharing resources among members who are learning the same language, promoting safe language exchange network, exploring into different Kanji-lexical languages, establishing a non-dating, family-safe language exchange initiatives.

- - - - -Member Dismissal Policy - - - -

Unreasonable Behavior:
A member exploiting either this group or meetup.com's interface/service in unreasonable manner is subject to removal from this group without notice. A member's unreasonable conduct having resulted in another's member's in uncomfortable situation, or having seen as would result in such situation by an organizer, will result in the removal of the member who instigated the action either in direct or indirect manner.

Repeated Absence :

Due to a limited seating, having reserved a seat and failing to attend results in the loss of another person's opportunity to join. A member who has reserved a seat and fails to cancel (switch to Not-Going) at least 48 hours before the date of the event may be subject to removal from this group without further notice. (e.g. cancel on or before Tuesday if the event is on Thursday)

Repeated Reserving Seat (RSVP) Without Intention of Attending :
Unreasonable number of having reserved a seat and cancelling (switching to Not-Going) will be interpreted as making RSVP without serious intent of participation; and the member responsible for the repeated joining and cancelling will be subject to removal from this group without a notice.

Silent / Passive Participation:
We specifically ask for participants who will actively engage in both listening and speaking, not just one or neither. Silent seating or unreasonably passive attitude during the event may be interpreted by an organizer as reducing the goal of the event and the member of such behavior may be subject to dismissal from this group.

Group Resizing:
This group alternates between being private and public in order to keep a reasonable number of regular participants attending. Any member seen as not participating regularly may be removed from this group by any organizer's discretion regardless the group being public or private.

Disrespect Of Other Member(s) Piece and Privacy:
Members agree to acknowledge that events hosted by this group are [u]not intended to be a dating/social parties[/u]. A member whose behavior causing another member's feeling uncomfortable includes, but not limited to, anyone sending an unsolicited message to or communicating with another member in both apparent and implicit manner to obtain personal information such as, age, occupation, address, e-mail, phone number, race, age, marital status, gender, and anyone whose conduct seems reasonably deviant to this group's course of activities such as, but not limited to, inviting another member to different location, event, meetup. A member deemed as such will be subject to removal/ban from this group and reported to Meetup.com accordingly.

Detraction from Group's Goal:

A member whose behavior detracts other members from this group's goal will be subject to a ban or removal. A moderator may give notice in prior doing so in person but not required to do so in text messaging. This group has highest emphasis on creating a safe, studious, focused, non-dating language exchange. Any member whose behavior deems incompatible with the group's goal shall be subject to removal.

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