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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the second year of our Bedford Square picnic. As the keyholder, I shall be there at 6.30pm to welcome up to 50 London humanists. I shall have five litres of excellent Languedoc rosé wine, plus some still and sparkling water, plus about 24 disposable glasses, plates and cutlery. I shall also have a couple of cold chickens and some salads - probably enough for about 10 people. Thereafter, I shall be looking for contributions, so if someone would like to bring cheese, if someone else fancies baking a cake etc, and if anyone else has reserves of plastic cutlery and glasses, please volunteer any offers on this site - so we don't all bring the same thing. Please also brings rugs, lamps, collapsible tables or any other aids to comfort. But no ghetto-blasters, thank you very much! We can always nip into Tott Ct Rd Sainsburys for emergency supplies.

We were unlucky with the weather last year, and we will keep a close eye on the BBC weather forecast, so that if it looks like heavy rain on 19 Aug, we will aim to postpone for a week.

With best wishes,

Rupert Morris