Past Meetup

Humanism: a critical survey by Graham Bell


Graham Bell, a retired physics teacher and a long-standing member of CLHG, will be looking at the problems posed when either Humanism in principle or humanists in practice are viewed from a variety of perspectives - from atheist activism, organised religion, evolutionary science, philosophical socialism and from politics based on neoliberal economics. In particular, he questions whether Humanism can ultimately be effective if it does not take on board at least some political issues. What are the problems of putting Humanism into practice?

Doors at 6.30 pm for talk at 7.00 pm

Please arrive early to have a glass of wine from our charity wine bar find your seat and chat with other members.

Donations to the wine bar will go to Graham's chosen charity.

All our talks are open to the general public and free to attend but we do rely on those who can, to make a donation of what they can afford, to cover the costs of room, equipment hire and help keep our talks free to all. Please give generously so we can continue with this policy.

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