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Talk about basic tube amp theory, get building/debugging tips.
Welcome to our newest members ! For those of you who haven't attended one of our meetups yet, here's what you can expect to learn about and talk about: • basic concepts about electricity and power supplies • Vacuum tube function and operation • Tube amp functional sections (Pre-amp, Phase inverter, Power amp and power supply ) • Tube amp architectures and classes - Push-Pull, single ended, fixed bias, cathode bias. And of course we'll compare notes on what we think sounds the best. Got questions about your amp ? Not sure which amp you want to build ? Not sure which book to buy ? Wanna jam thru a few different amps ? Show up for this meetup and be entered into a drawing to win a door prize, a copy of Kevin O'Connor's " The Ultimate Tone 3". We need at least 4 attendees to hold the drawing. As usual I'll have my assortment of homemade amps and old tube PA s that I have been converting to guitar/harp use for folks to poke around in. I'm actually chasing the hum out of one of them now. Feel free to bring your own amp, working or not and we'll see and hear what you love about it or want to fix. As always feel free to a friend as well and dont worry about being here promptly at 1PM. Dan

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A group dedicated to preserving the art, tone and technological knowledge of Vacuum tube based amplifiers. Whether you want to learn to build your own tube amp for guitar bass, PA or Hi Fi or share your years of wisdom on the topic. I propose we meet up to share our tips, tricks and knowledge about this great technology and hopefully make and share our latest works as well as some great music once in awhile as well.

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