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Phil Wicks Driving Academy at Virginia International Raceway

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Here is Phil's VIR event for 2014, a bit earlier this year than the November date last year.

I went last year a few weeks after I picked up the GP and had a blast. If you ever wanted to play race car driver legally on a real track, here is your opportunity.

What it is:A full day of track time at VIR using the whole track in your own Mini.

What it is not: This is not a driving or race school, this is track time. The best you can hope for is a ride along with Phil or one of the more seasoned drivers to give you pointers.

You need to show up early for tech inspection of your car, if you drove down to VIR without anything falling off you should be fine. Make sure you have a FULL TANK OF GAS before entering the gate! I went with three quarters of a tank thinking I would be fine. My GP gets 8 mpg (your mileage may vary) on the track, I ended up filling up at $10 a gallon after lunch at the track for the last session wishing I started with a full tank!

Phil will herd everyone into a classroom to go over the rules for the day and go through a map of the track. You will get a slow session with no passing to get a feel for the length, curves and straights of the track. After that is over you will get the green flag for open track, with passing only in certain areas. Some drivers have done this many times before and are very fast, but they are patient and will only pass with permission in the passing zones.

There are one hour breaks between sessions to think about your mistakes, how to take a turn you are having trouble with, a bit better, ask advice, get a coke etc. There is a lunch break and they have a food vendor on-site which is pretty good. After lunch you are out again perfecting your lines.

A word of warning, you are responsible to drive within your limits, there is no speed limit, you can go as fast as you safely can go. But you are responsible for damage to your car, the track or another driver's car. Everyone is under the same rules so everyone starts slow in the morning and gradually goes faster as they get the feel of the track and how their car is handling. This does stress the car quite a bit, you will wear your tires and brakes, and any marginal part on your car may fail depending on how hard you push it. I would suggest a quick checkup at the dealer before you go down.

I thoroughly enjoyed last year's session and I will be at this one if I can get away from work. It is one of those things you need to do with your Mini at least once. Mini drivers deep down think they are race car drivers every day, here is your chance to try it legally in real life a very challenging track.

Please check out Phil’s website for more information.

Below is Phil’s letter on the class.

Good afternoon!

The Phil Wicks Driving Academy will again be at Virginia International Raceway in Danville VA on Monday, September 29, 2014. We will be running the FULL COURSE. This event is sponsored by Flow MINI of Raleigh and Flow MINI of Winston Salem. Registrations are coming in and we are half full. It will be a very popular event and it is only 12 weeks away.

One of the largest vintage races will be held at VIR September 26 through 28 -- the Gold Cup. I will be competing and defending my title in Snoopy -- a 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S. So if you want to see great cars and great racing, plan on a full weekend at VIR ending with the Phil Wicks Driving Academy on Monday.


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