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This group is for anyone who has lost their spouse/partner and wants to be with other people who "get it". (We do ask that all members are currently in a marriage/relationship, when their spouse/partner passes, meaning that if you were already divorced from your spouse - that is a different life situation and does not fit into how our group members feel who were currently living with their spouse when they passed.)

The group will meet in a restaurant regularly so we can have fun social time while getting to know each other and sharing our life experiences. We will have various different group activities too, giving us an opportunity to meet new people, make new friendships and enjoy life again. All of these activities will be fun and life affirming.

One firm policy we have is that there is NO saving seats for friends at events. We are a group that welcomes everyone to sit anywhere at any event. Telling a member who may be attending for the first time and came to the group alone- that they can not sit somewhere is very hurtful. If you would like to sit with a friend- pls make sure that you walk into the event together and sit down together.

We have some other firm policies -1. NO solicitation of anyone's business is acceptable through our group. 2. Do not contact a member to meet privately unless you have met them first in person at an event. 3. Only widowed people can attend our events. If you respond with a PLUS ONE, you will need to let us know that they are widowed and their name. The may only attend ONE of our meetups as a non-member. If they want to continue to come to our activites, they are welcome to submit a profile to join our group.

All members will be able to post any activity that members would like to do and join in on. I hope to have all members feel comfortable to post anything that they are doing and would like someone to do it with.. such as a movie, show , walk, etc... We can be there for each other... through the loneliness and through the fun times..

We are NOT a support group in that formal manner but we DO support each other by conversing and sharing our feelings and what we did in the same situation. We also are NOT a dating/singles group. We are a group that shares social activites together.

I visited another group that was an hour away and was inspired to start a group in this area. I felt the comradery between the members and saw how much fun they had being together.

My vision for this group is that we will gain friends who we can do things with, plan other activities for the group and combat the loneliness that comes from losing our spouse. I lost my husband a year and a half ago and understand completely how walking this path feels. Lets walk it together!

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