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Unlocking the Renewable Wealth of Our Soils with Mark Fulford

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Mark Fulford will guide us in a discussion on the best practices he has discovered in his world travels on caring for a farm’s most important asset –soil – in these challenging times.

As humans we have a choice of working in synchronicity with what is, or creating new problems as we increase our resource demands on the environment. Mark’s focus is to pull the wholeness of soil, plant, human and animal ecosystems together in plain language.

This is an interactive workshop and Mark will 'flex' the content depending on people's interests and responses to cover:

-build basic soil understandings and unravel some misunderstandings about: chemistry, pH, soil types & structures, misleading fertilizer laws and sciences, basic plant indicators.
-Reading the field
-Soil nutrition IS human nutrition
-Why wood ash is NOT a liming material
-Inoculants - populating soils with teas, drenches and biological products that decompose & transfer elements to plants
-Seawater as an ionic soil amendment
-Understanding soil microbes and their relationships with plants
-Plant indicators – what they are and how they teach us observe soil, seed, and plant quality
-Crop 'pests' are not due to a lack of pesticides but are the unbiased indicators of balance or imbalanced soils and crop nutrition
-Loaded issues will be spoken to that have gotten our species into trouble with the natural world, and we will look at what we have done right as a guide forward

The health of a nation’s topsoil becomes the health of its people. These days consumers and producers are faced with challenges that require a fearless moral inventory of our food supply due to climate change, peak oil, and economic drift. These issues have lead to a worldwide condition of soil bankruptcy and ultimately a massive loss in human nutrition. The deepening dependency on chemicals and crop protection products has become a band-aid substitute for good farming practices. Beyond political interests, food labels, industry profits and the media, farmers and consumers need to relearn the fundamentals about soil and crop nutrition. Join Mark Fulford to find the path to soil recovery to rebuild real health and original wealth while developing skills & resources for local food independence.

Lunch provided.

Cost is $65/NOFA & Seacoast/Central Permaculture Meetup Members, $75/NonMembers.



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About Mark Fulford:

Mark is a well-known, independent farm consultant and educator whose range of topics and expertise encompasses: transitioning from conventional to organic and biological agriculture; soil, crop, and forage nutrition; and preparing agriculture for peak oil, climate change and economic drift. He also teaches non-electric water technologies, hands-on skills in organic orcharding, organic no-till crop production, commercial and small scale composting, as well as fundamental rural skills and small farm food preservation.

He has studied with some of the most accomplished mentors in biological agriculture: Dr. Arden Andersen, Neal Kinsey, Dan Skow, Gary Zimmer, Elaine Ingham, Jerry Brunetti, and Dr. Norman Uphoff, among others.

Mark addresses audiences from a wide range of backgrounds and philosophies embracing common sense, science and cultural wisdom for the times we live in. His lifelong study of the natural world and immersion in agriculture on his own farm and abroad, grounds his practices in experience. Mark and his wife Paula own and operate Teltane Farm in Monroe, Maine.

One of Mark's mottos is: "Quality of life is a health issue. Good health is food dependent and good food depends on soil health."

You can read more about Mark's work at

Cosponsored by Greater Seacoast Permaculture, Central NH Permaculture & NOFA NH.


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