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The Central Ohio .Net Developers Group meets on the 4th Thursday of every month and are free and open to the public!

All developers; professional, student, and hobbyist are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb of TDD - Ron Kincaid

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Test-driven development was the bitcoin of the early 2000s. Everyone suddenly believed test-first was axiomatic developer behavior. Yet, after 20 years of consulting with numerous clients, it is clear that TDD is still not an established practice, much less the default practice. Using C# (Visual Studio 2019 .net core), and introducing Dependency Injection and mocking (Moq), this talk will demonstrate how to implement TDD for those new to the concept as well as experienced folks who would like a refresher.

Be prepared to....
· Hear about value of unit testing and the considerably increased value of TDD explained in simple terms.

· See a working Demo solving a real-world business issue based on consulting work previously done in the health care field compared a refactored demo to include Dependency Injection, mocking (Moq framework), and fluent comparison of objects.

· Uncover some fun Easter eggs (ever needed to create mocked database data, fast and free? Wonder which health insurance plan you should choose?)

· Encounter dad humor when you least expect it.

We’ll discuss and demonstrate how to go from a requirement to working code. We’ll introduce valuable concepts and tools like Dependency Injection, Single responsibility, and mocking (using Moq). You will get positive nudges to take back to product owners and management (heck BRING them with you to the talk). Those who are wondering what TDD might be (or have misunderstood it) will be on SOLID (see what I did there?) footing to become the next advocates for better testing.

Speaker Bio:
For over 30 years Ron Kincaid has been a Software Developer and Architect in a broad cross section of industries, particularly health care and insurance. As a master of explaining the complex simply he can explain an Adverse Selection Death Spiral and soccer's offside law to anyone...although he's not sure which is the greater challenge.

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Ra-Ra-Roslyn analyzers! - Chandler Boucher

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September Meeting - TBD

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Introduction to the CQRS pattern with Mediatr - Alan Barber

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