What we're about

Hey All! This Meetup is all about touring the backroads of Oregon on our wonderful two-wheeled steeds. As you may know, Oregon is a mecca for motorcycle riders that enjoy getting on the twisty backroads and cranking the throttle a bit. I should point out now, this Meetup is intended more for the sport-touring rider that tends to mount a steed of the Japanese or European persuasion. I know there are plenty of riders that enjoy "cruising" on American-made machines of the loud and rumbly persuasion. You're more than welcome to join. Anybody who rides is OK in my book! I just wanted to point that out sooner, than later. Also, for you ladies out there, please don't be intimidated, and do join! My intent is for this Meetup to be female-friendly. More women than ever are getting into riding, and I would love for this Meetup to push that trend along. The motorcycle industry needs the ladies! OK All! The riding season is rapidly approaching. Let's get together, and ride! Cheers.

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