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This months Central PA Investors Meetup is going to be one that could TRULY change the course of your life and real estate business. We are going to be learning some amazing MINDSET techniques to help you overcome fear, anxiety, and the many LIMITING BELIEFS that are subconsciously holding you back from achieving your dreams! We are also going to hear from Dr. Eric Shelly on how he has become an insanely successful, nationwide investor in just a few short years using some of the most CREATIVE INVESTING TECHNIQUES that I have ever been exposed to. Have you ever found yourself to be frustrated and stuck doing (or not doing) the same thing over and over again? If so, it might because of what you believe to be true or not true about that thing. In this thirty-minute session Paul Endress, a nationwide speaker, trainer, author, and success coach will teach you: **The nature and source of beliefs and why some are empowering (move you toward something you want) and some are unempowering (prevent you from getting what you want)

**How to uncover your exact beliefs about any subject. You have beliefs about everything whether you know what they are or not.

**How to know if you should change a belief to get a different result.

**How to change any belief that you have decided to change – and make the change permanent if you want it to be.

**How to “future pace” a new belief so you can know what a change will be like before you actually make the change.

And that’s only the first 30 minutes of the Meetup. The second act will be the one and only Dr. Eric Shelly sharing how he has gone from full time DENTIST to full time R.E. INVESTOR in less than a few years! **You’ll learn how he buys multiple RENTAL PROPERTIES using the same capital on each deal. This strategy has enabled him to acquire multiple properties using the same down payment money on each one. He will show you how he buys them, rehabs them, rents them, then refinances them to strip his equity and do it all over again on the next deal! **You’ll learn how to pay off a 30 YEAR MORTGAGE LOAN in 13 years! **You’ll learn a system for PAYING DOWN DEBT faster with no change in income or expenses. **You’ll learn all about INFLATION ARBITRAGE. **You’ll learn all about equity stripping and equity management and how they can change the game for your long term investing strategy! **You’ll learn about a variety of group SYNDICATION deals Eric has been part of and these deals are totally amazing, crazy, unique, and INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE! This will be a night of networking, fun, and first class real estate investing education! The event is free to all but you must RSVP. We are maxing out the RSVP LIST at 120 People and our events almost always are booked to capacity. I hope to see you there. The event is Tuesday February 6, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Harrisburg. Please RSVP here ASAP: