Let's Play Softball! - May 25th - Memorial Day Weekend Edition

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23 people went

Price: $5.00 /per person
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I think Memorial Day weekend is the best weekend to stay in the city as it empties out when everyone else leaves for the beach. Let's celebrate the best way we can by playing as many innings of softball that we can. Who knows, if the Saints & Sinners league takes a week off (they are the ones who play after us) we may be able to keep the game going after 6pm.

General rules of the game:

This is a competitive but friendly game. There is no arguing calls and if there is debate on a play I'll make the final ruling. Be supportive of your teammates. We are here to play softball, have fun, and make new friends.

If there's enough people, each team supplies an ump to call balls/strikes when they are up. Hitters start with a 0-0 count. If the pitcher is throwing modified, you do NOT strike out on a foul ball. If the pitcher is throwing arc, then a foul on strike 3 is an out.

If umpires are not being used then there are no called balls/strikes. You get three swings to put the ball into play.

No taking leads.

There's a fence behind 3b so the ball is in play if it hits the fence. If the ball goes over the fence or rolls behind the backstop behind home plate it is a "dead" ball and runners get one base from where they are. A long overthrow of 1b results in a "dead" ball and runners get one base from where they are. A ball hit into the trees deep in the OF is "live" and runners get as many bases as they can.

Sliding is allowed but be careful. Be mindful of who is covering the base if you choose to slide.

Game is capped at 24 to ensure those that sign up will get a lot of playing time and at-bats.

Bringing guests is NOT allowed. If you'd like to bring a friend make sure they join the league and sign up.

Unless someone wants to play catcher the entire game, the position will be rotated amongst all team members equally.

Unless someone wants to pitch the entire game, the position will be rotated amongst all team members equally.

If 24 people sign up, the defense will be rotated so that each team member plays 4 innings in the field for each 1 they sit.

Warm-ups typically start around 3:40pm (depending upon whether someone is using the field before us or not).

The game will begin promptly at 4pm so we can get two complete 7-inning games in.

Weather Hotline:

I'll email/post in the event of inclement weather potentially impacting the game. Alternatively you can call the hotline at[masked] x111

Fee structure for the Regular Season (April through Labor Day):

First week/game of the season is free.

$5 per person per week

$50 cap for the season.

Fee structure for the Late Season (After Labor Day):

$5 per person per week (no free game if you didn't play during the regular season)

People who paid $50 during the Regular Season play for free.

Penalty for late cancellation/no-show:

If you cancel your reservation after 4pm on Friday or no-show to a game you will be assigned a "strike". If you accumulate three "strikes" you will be removed from the league.


The map on the app sometimes shows the incorrect location (it sometimes shows a small park downtown). Our games take place on the Great Lawn which is almost the exact center of Central Park. The nearest entrances are on 85th street on either side. The website shows the correct location of the field.