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What we're about

An invitation only small group of friends who enjoy the outdoors. This is NOT the group for meeting new people. This is a group where you make friends in other groups and get invited into this one.

We are:
Leave No Trace.
Social, responsible, friendly, fun.

We are not:
A club, tour group, or agency

Hikers who take responsibility for themselves (because social groups won't, can't, shouldn't be expected to bear any responsibility for you) are welcome. But, you must be invited or vouched for by a group member.

We hike, backpack, camp and play in the wilderness together. Leave No Trace means we do this in small groups, safety requires that we agree together to stay together, look out for each other, and help each other.

Group limits will be no more than 15 people - no matter what the park says their max group size is.

The membership of this group will not exceed 500 people.

The group has the right to eject a member for bad behavior. Not paying a fair share of carpooling, camp or permit fees, or other communal costs for events; attempting to force or coerce others to do something; refusing to help if help is needed; or, other antisocial, violent, or just plain rude acts are some examples of what we are trying to avoid.

Regardless of who you are with in the wilderness, leaving an itinerary with someone trustworthy is important- use to print yours.

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