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Learn Tips About Cloud File Sharing

Clovis HQ - Mere Secure Inc

We will learn about cloud file sharing. If you are a beginner this meeting is for you. Bring a notepad and let us learn.

Learn About Identifying How much External Vendor Risk is at Your Business

With a range of business industries, we will collect input and talk about business risks specific to third parties, vendors, contractors, consultants. Many businesses may not realize the risks they have operating their business beyond revenue and new clients and employee obligations. We will discuss the importance of acknowledging third-parties and and how they can pose risks without being obvious. This is open to any business.

Discuss hardware refreshes, upgrades and licensing

Clovis HQ - Mere Secure Inc

With a range of business industries, we will collect input and talk about strategies for maintenance, upgrading computer hardware, some licensing software and recommendations with Q&A time. When you get an estimate for body work on your car, you get a second estimate. See a dentist and get a second opinion for device work. You read reviews and typically get a mixed outcome . This meeting is a chance to learn about techniques and strategy to find the best for the scenario. Bring your IT questions, consumer or business. Bring a notepad. Let's learn something.

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Learn About Internet Security

Clovis HQ - Mere Secure Inc

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