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Family of Assassins: The Surratts of Maryland

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This is a "Banner Lecture" at the Virginia Historical Society. It is free to members and $6 for others.

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Everyone knows about John Wilkes Booth, the man who killed Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865. But what about Mary Surratt, the boardinghouse keeper who "kept the nest that hatched the egg" of assassination and was the first woman executed by the United States government? Or her son John, a Confederate courier and boon companion to Booth, who fled through Canada and Britain to Vatican City, ending up as a Papal Zouave until he was chased across the Mediterranean and hauled back to face a Washington, D.C., jury that deadlocked and set him free? David O. Stewart, author of several works of American history, will trace the authentic checkered career of this notorious family, who also feature prominently in his first historical novel, The Lincoln Deception, which explores unanswered questions about the Lincoln assassination conspiracy.

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