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Build Wars (feat. Grunt, Make, Brunch, and more)

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You no doubt have a build script or task scripts to help with some of the repetitive parts of your app deployment process. You might use something like Grunt, Brunch, Gulp; or if your project is in another language than JS, perhaps Rake, Ant, Make, or even your Grandad's shell scripts. Which reigns supreme?

You don't have those things? Then this is definitely the meetup for you.

Ron and Kai from Private Practice will get us started with "Replacing Grunt with Make", a short presentation about how and why they came to embrace Make for its support of build dependencies in their substantial application(s) which use lots of Angular JS.

Next, we'll have a series of lightning talks to see your various build setups in action ranging from the simple to the extravagant. Grunt, Brunch, Gulp, Yeoman, Broccoli... Vulcanize, Rake, Ant, Fabric, Shovel...

If you're interested in reserving a slot, please add a note in the comments!

Since this is a "war" format, we encourage lightning talk presenters to make disparaging (yet respectful) comments about inferior build tools.

Hope to see you there. Please update your RSVP.



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