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Javascript has good parts, bad parts, and parts you're most likely to only discover from the JS genius next door. Join the Central Virginia Javascript Meetup if you want to tap the rich brain trust of web, node, and mobile developers using "the worlds most popular language" in Charlottesville, VA and surrounding areas. We meet every 4th Wednesday of the month in Charlottesville (exact location TBD) to share presentations, code, tools, techniques and tall tales of Javascript wonders. See also: http://cville.js.org

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Frameworkless Front-end Web Development

107 5th St SE

John Loy will present on Frameworkless Front-end Web Development It’s almost an axiom that you need a framework to productively practice front-end web development. Without the provisions of Vue, React, Angular, etc. you’d just be courting chaos, forcing yourself to work with awkward low-level browser APIs, and probably wasting your time “reinventing the wheel”. Maybe. Maybe not. I placed bets on one of those possibilities—guess which one—and I’m pleased to say I think it was a good choice, at least as of late 2019. This talk will share some of the realizations, code patterns, tools, and browser APIs involved in my ongoing exploration of frameworkless web development (a misnomer, probably) while re-engineering the Willowtree company website from a React+Redux+Webpack+SSR+SPA 2Mb behemoth to a light-weight, statically-prerendered (“JAMStack”, but ugh... names) site using a custom build script, web components, and minimal vendor dependencies. Even when practicing so-called “frameworkless” web dev, you still need a cohesive framework of thought and approach, as well as a toolbox of reusable code. This is mine, FWIW. Recommended reading prior to the talk: https://github.com/frameworkless-movement/awesome-frameworkless https://www.apress.com/gp/book/9781484249666

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