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What we’re about

We have renamed this Meetup group to Centre for High Sensitivity, as the UK National Centre for High Sensitivity (NCHS) was sadly closing down in early 2020, due to struggles sustaining funding and also the health and self-care needs of its very small team.  This group is going to continue to promote information, insight and support for highly sensitive people - (people experiencing Sensory Processing Sensitivity). The purpose of this Centre is to encourage highly sensitive men and women to understand their trait more fully, to appreciate the positives of possessing a highly sensitive nervous system and to explore ways to thrive at home, in relationships and at work. 

We provide information, workshops and training events, plus opportunities to meet together with other sensitive people online. The events listed here are thoughtfully designed for highly sensitive people, those close to them and those who work with them. Please look at our calendar to see upcoming events - we also welcome suggestions and ideas to meet your HSP needs.

The Centre for High Sensitivity is organised by Ildiko Davis Counsellor and Focusing Practitioner, who has been specialising in working with HSPs since 2011 and organising HSP Meetups for the NCHS since 2012.  Ildiko also has been editing the NCHS newsletter and coordinating the NCHS website since 2014. With the agreement of Barbara Allen, the director of the NCHS and previous organiser of this meetup group, Ildiko will be continuing with writing the "HSP News" newsletter and will transfer a lot of the helpful information for HSPs from the NCHS website to her website at

We look forward to meeting you at some point :)