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Have You Been Searching For a Loving & Like-Minded Community?
•Are You Looking for Peace?

•Are You Seeking Tools to Aid in Discovering Your Spirit?
•Do You Need Guidance on Your Path?
•Are You Ready To Explore the BIG Questions?
•Or Maybe You Just Need a Good Massage!

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Centre on C is a great place to Be...
At Centre on C, our mission is to provide Anchorage and nearby communities
with a safe, balanced, and beautiful space which facilitates
transformation, spiritual growth, & holistic wellness. As a community centre, we are eclectic and open.
We offer Classes, Workshops, Individual Sessions, Groups & Special Events.
You will find a variety of paths, modalities & practices
for the mind, body, and spirit to help you on your path of transformation.
From Yoga to Massage to Intuitive Assistance and much more...

CARE, COMPASSION & COMMUNITY run through everything we do at Centre on C

Please look around to see all that we have to offer!

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( Suspended til further notice ) NIA DANCE with Sherry Coburn

• What we'll do Sherry is a certified NIA instructor. the spiritual dance combines movement of many modalities with great music. designed to take the participant into their body. call sherry for more information[masked] • What to bring water bottle....done without shoes • Important to know

ATOM Center speakers at Sunday Gathering will be presented via Zoom stay tuned!

ATOM is setting up zoom meetings temporarily! stay tuned to atomcenterak.org website for more info til things seattle down! .. Each Sunday ATOM Center meets at centre on c for their spiritual gatherings. Speakers talk on various subjects that connect Mind, Body and spirit. Check out http://www.atomcenterak.org for more info or check out the atom center meetup.com page! for up to date info on each sunday. All are welcome!


HOW TO CREATE AND MANIFEST JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! ZOOM IN WITH THE CREATOR COLLECTIVE. ALASKA TIME - MONDAY'S 6:30- 8:30 PM open chat / gather time (7:30 Pacific Time Zone) Gather and open conversation 6:30 to 7 pm Screen Share Program 7 to 8:30 Topic: Creator's Collective - Monday Series Time: This is a recurring meeting Monday's Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/986732711 Meeting ID:[masked] VIEW LAST WEEKS CLASS AT Zero Point Truth Radio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL01EJR4g9gm-HWWkNNykqw/videos Join the Creator's Collective ~ Expand your consciousness. Together we take a provocative look at dealing with reality today. These are urgent times to get a hold of your spinning vortex. Let's shine our being in creation and purposefully shift with intent our individual and collective consciousness, purpose, with will and intent to manifest our future positive timeline for the greatest and highest good for all. We have a choice. We are Creator Beings. Infinite in wonder we are source, individual units of consciousness. Fully multi omni and meta dimensional. Ever expanding awakening and evolving. This is our opportunity to shape and change the fabric of our reality. ALASKA IS THE CROWN CHAKRA OF MOTHER EARTH ==================================== We are the Creator's Collective. Our creation and manifestation powers are NOW. Success Guaranteed! Be Empowered! Contact: [masked] - Call/Text:[masked] MONDAY SERIES Zero Point Truth Radio is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Creator's Collective - Monday Series https://zoom.us/j/986732711 Meeting ID:[masked] When: MONDAY EVENINGS - Zoom In with Jimmy 6:30 - 7 Gather and Intros. 7 - 730 Sharing Creation Updates 7:30 Sound meditation 7:45 Mind Map - Developing Purpose Week 2 The 4 “eyes”, Ideas, Imagination, Intention, Inner Wisdom Plus - Capturing the 4 eyes, Idea Mapping Overview Week 3 - Law of Attraction, How it woks every moment. Plus - Developing your creation's purpose “the WHY” & Word Power + Intention Week 4 - Power of Words + 4 “eyes” = creation -> manifestation Plus - Beginning the creation plan Who What When Where Why How Week 5 - Everything is frequency, How frequency in thought manifests Plus - Laying our your creation map - Your creation takes form! Week 6 - How to be a 5D person. Developing Creator Consciousness Pleadian’s perspective Plus - Tasking your creation, demonstrating attraction Week 7 - Demonstrating Results, What are you creating today? Plus - Putting your creation plan plan into Action, + + Who is facilitating? All who Attend Email [masked] -- Questions[masked] CALL TEXT Jimmy is a successful entrepreneur, researcher, flute player, sound experiencer, a 40 year Alaskan and 30 years as a publisher who has created multiple magazine titles ”In this class, together, our Creative Collective will manifest results and step you forward in to your own personal creation, through increased awareness, perception and creating from within. Materials: Bring PAPER Table space to write on, comfortable chair and your favorite sharpie markers, colored pencils, crayons pens, pencils for creation mapping. Donations of 50/50 SUPPORT CENTER ON C AND JIMMY 50/50 Short of funds? It's always free. RESERVE YOUR SEAT. "BUCKLE UP" CLICK HERE to donate $95 - All and ongoing sessions or click this link http://bn.plus/JDFm5A CLICK HERE to donate single session $25 or click this link http://bn.plus/CI92mw PROCEEDS SUPPORT CENTRE ON C AND ATOM CENTER or CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FULL SESSIONS $95 or click this link http://bn.plus/JDFm5A RESERVE YOUR SEAT via Email, Text or Call Jimmy with questions. Email [masked] --[masked] CALL TEXT

( temporarily suspended ) NIA DANCE with Sherry Coburn

Centre on C

give sherry a call for up to date info...if she is holding class....generally its a small gathering and no one touches each other!!! • What we'll do Sherry is a certified NIA instructor. the spiritual dance combines movement of many modalities with great music. designed to take the participant into their body. call sherry for more information[masked] • What to bring water bottle....done without shoes • Important to know

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