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Who is this fellowship for?: We invite all who love the Savior, Yeshua (Jesus) and seek to keep the Sabbath holy in fellowship with other believers, and who want to dig deep into the Word of God. If you do not keep Sabbath but would like to know more about it, we will share our beliefs, from Scripture, with you.

Children are very, very welcome but they should be well behaved and able to play quietly--only because we have one room! I know this can be very difficult for parents! (mine are grown) Sabbath is for family, so we'll just have to see how the Lord provides--pray. Parents should bring books, coloring supplies, paper, snacks, etc. for the kids and be prepared to take kids outside to let off steam if they are too noisy for the group to study. :)

Bible: We will be reading aloud from the KJV but bring whichever Bible you use.
Readings: We will probably begin reading from Genesis, the first 10 chapters or more on the first meeting. We are thinking that reading ahead may be helpful for some, but not necessary.

What will we be doing? Reading straight from the Scriptures and talking about what we are reading. There will be no sermons. ("Non-sabbath day" topics will be avoided, such as politics, work, entertainment, etc.) We may reserve a little time for sharing and discussion of "how to keep Sabbath", as many Christians who are new to Sabbath-keeping struggle in this, in the spirit of desiring to be obedient--but not always knowing just what that looks like.
Prayer: We will pray as the Spirit moves us and before and after the reading and discussion time. Please feel comfortable sharing your prayer requests.

We are meeting in a room at the Centreville Regional Library. We have the room for about 2 hours most Saturdays, at 12pm, but not always at 12. I am still refining times and room with the library, so, this is tentative. The best thing would be that anyone interested in coming would confirm the schedule with me for the first few weeks. A schedule will be posted.

Address: 14200 St. Germain Dr., Centreville, VA, 20121-2299
Dress: Casual but respectful of the day.
Refreshments: Feel free to bring snacks and drinks if you like as our room time is usually at noon. We must keep the room clean, of course. No crockpots and hot dishes please. I will definitely bring paper plates, napkins and plastic cups just in case if you bring food for a group. (We have no idea how many people will come--there are just 2 of us now--my husband and myself).
Offerings: none

I am so very happy to meet with fellow believers -- I hope you feel welcome and do not hesitate because of shyness! We are brothers and sisters in Messiah and you are truly wanted.


First Meeting
10:30am - 12:30pm Saturday, June 15, 2019
Centreville Meeting Room 1

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Sabbath Fellowship and Bible Study

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Sabbath Fellowship and Bible Study

Centreville Regional Library

Sabbath Fellowship and Bible Study

Centreville Regional Library

Sabbath Fellowship

Centreville Regional Library

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