• The first 90% == The last 90%

    Pizza Lucé

    We all have our projects. Our challenges. Our current coding issues. When you feel like you’re 90% done with a project there’s another 90% lurking in the shadows. So come to the next Certainly Swift meetup and help each other solve a percentage of your last 90%! This is an open meetup where we help each other with our Swift programming skills and challenges. Whatever your skill level and whatever your challenge you certainly have something to offer. Bring your laptop, bring Xcode and bring your excitement for Swift because it will be time to write some of that last 90% Swift code. If you don’t have a project we will help you build your Swift knowledge. Location is “To-Be-Determined “ for this event depending on participation. I’ll set a location somewhere in the middle of us all (as best I can) around a week prior to the Meetup.