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I'm creating this meet up because I'm very much interested in personal development and I want to be able to meet with people that has the same interests as me.

It's all about development man, I don't want to be the same person as I was 5 years ago or even just last year, I want to move forward and become the best person I can possibly be.

By taking control of my mind and not letting it to focus on the negative part's of my past, by being intentional with my life, by developing the habit's necessary to take me to the next level, by creating my space (my home) the way it should be to minimise distraction, to engage and understand people when speaking to them and to love walk in love so I don't live a life of blame and guilt.

I have created an amazing curriculum to help myself and other's achieve all this and more, so if your interested come and join me, Oh, and by the way I hope you're up for a challenge because that's what I will be giving you, I will personally give each one of you guy's a gift in the form of a challenge.

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