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Golden Rishi Qigong & Tai Chi

4683 Mercury St Suite H · San Diego, CA

How to find us

Rear end of the parking lot, 2nd floor.

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Andrew Brown will be teaching the Art of the Great Extremes, Tai Chi 太极.
I welcome any and all people who want to partake in the cultivation of their qi pill.
I welcome any and all people who want to know the feeling of walking without fear.
I welcome any and all people who want to improve themselves regardless of the trials.
I welcome any and all people who wish to change their life with Mind-Body practice.
Tai Chi 太极 has done all of these things for me and I am happy to share this, greatest of all my skills, with you.
I welcome any and all challengers who wish to compete for fun with agreed upon rules.
I welcome any and all students with warmth and promise to never injure you.
Fair warning, pain is in the mind. When doing horse stance, you feel extreme pain, but it is the mind that controls the situation until it doesn't.
Let the body die and your mind will take over.
I promise to never push you further than I think you can handle. As I am the teacher, it is my duty to be wary of your state of mind and body.
I promise to be fair and approachable. You can ask me anything about anything and I will do my best to give you a true answer.
I promise to not lie intentionally. I may get things wrong, but I want my beliefs criticized and questioned. I have no problem debating the facts of whatever matter I speak upon. I can only improve by learning of a false understanding.

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